Thursday, 28 January 2010

Draft House Man Arrives (courtesy of Ponyboy)

The heroic Wayne Barrell (above) hanging Draft House Man (not literally, a painting of him) in front of The Draft House Northcote. See very poor picture below of the finished article. I hope to have more about who is DHM and a better picture (of the painting) in due course. I am not sure whether we will ever get an actual photograph of Draft House Man since he perhaps exists only in the imagination of Ponyboy, aka the talented artist Justin Anderson. Or do you know who Draft House Man is? Best answer wins a free pint of Bitter & Twisted (because we're not).

An older man passing by pointed out that 'his hand is the wrong way around'. I started off on an explanation involving a potted history of surrealism, but he didn't hang around.

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