Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Now this is really good...THIRD WEDNESDAY at Sambrook's

Every third Wednesday of the month we will be hosting a thrilling tasting event at Draft House Westbridge.

We kick off 21st April at 6.45pm with a FREE brewery tour of Sambrook's Brewery to see how the wonderful Wandle is actually made. Then *STOP PRESS* it's all back to Westbridge to be the first to taste Junction Ale - the stronger and darker of the two beers brewed by Sambrook's.

But this is not just any old Junction - this is a special batch which has been Oak-Barrel Aged and Dry-Hopped giving great richness and complexity.

Attendees will be the first members of the public to taste this unique and extreme interpretation of one of Draft House's best selling beers (which most likely will never go on general sale). And there'll be plenty of Wandle too. Duncan Sambrook, who is not as excitable as I am, says: "Junction Ale will be conditioned in a traditional oak cask for a week and dry hopped with Bramling X hops.  We are hoping that this process will help to enhance the maturation of the beer during the secondary fermentation to produce a uniquely flavoured take on our award winning Junction Ale."

Just to be clear - the tour is free, but the beer won't be when we get back to Westbridge - but Junction will be charged at the usual price of £1.15 per third pint so it'll be a steal, really.  Places are limited for the Tour so let us know asap at westbridge@drafthouse.co.uk. Or visit our website.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Loving this Picture from Twitter...

A darling customer posted this on Twitter last Sunday (having come all the way from London Fields via a recommendation from the good chaps at The Drapers Arms in Islington - thanks, chaps!). It just sums up to me what lunch should be all about (assuming the company was bearable). Thanks, Sally.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Draft House Westbridge - what does it all mean?

This month we marked officially the transformation of The Westbridge into Draft House Westbridge.  Some of you remarked, not a lot has changed. Well, like those guys in the Jack Daniels ad, that's kinda how we like it round here.

That said, there's a new, sleak oak back-bar. There's beautiful new signage in the Draft House idiom. OK, we redecorated and chose a slightly different wall colour (Carnforth White by Farrow & Ball (ouch!) since you asked).

Here's the team gathering for battle before the launch last Thursday (um, that's me in the green jumper).

The menu now clearly shows the huge range of draft and bottled beers. The food is sensational. That's largely thanks to Anton Gonsalves, our new Head Chef (left) and the King of the Draft House Kitchens, Simon Noumar (right). To encourage you to try the new menu and in celebration of all this Draft House transformation business we are offering 50% off ALL FOOD, ANYTIME until end-March. Now that's a deal.

And the service is by the same informal but cheerfully efficient guys and girls who have been at Westbridge since Day One - led by Alex Mole (left) and Adam Simmons (below right)

The bottom line is, The Westbridge is where the Draft House idea germinated. So all we've really done is bring it home. We hope you enjoy it - do let us know all about your experiences with us. Our Facebook page is sort of fun - please do join  and you'll be kept up to date with beer tastings, new brews etc. Also, in case you didn't know, I have been known to pronounce on various matters on Twitter - click here to follow me.

And finally, do visit the Battersea Party Rooms website - they are the best private rooms in South West London IMHO - and all at pub prices.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

St Patrick's Day and World Domination

What better day to reveal our capacity for world beer domination (world meaning SW11, I should perhaps clarify). And a fine line in Irish Stew and Soda bread.

While others sell draft Guinness (and in some but not all instances a very fine pint thereof) we offer Guinness original in bottle at Northcote. Too obtuse for you? OK, you can get the finest pint of draft Guinness in London at Westbridge just now. And compare it (via a handy Patrick's Pint of Thirds) with Porterhouse Oyster Stout and Murphy's.

While back over at Northcote Patrick's Pint of Thirds means Murphy's (Cork's pride) , Harviestoun Old Engine Oil (on cask) and Meantime London Porter (on keg).

And this is not to mention the cornucopia of dark beers in bottle at both venues.

Among others we are currently proud to serve Anchor Porter, Yeti Imperial Stout (from Great Divide) and Left Hand Milk Stout. And for pudding, why not dip into an Ola Dubh (Harviestoun Old Engine Oil aged in a 40 year old Highland Park whisky barrel). As decadent as beer gets.