Wednesday, 17 March 2010

St Patrick's Day and World Domination

What better day to reveal our capacity for world beer domination (world meaning SW11, I should perhaps clarify). And a fine line in Irish Stew and Soda bread.

While others sell draft Guinness (and in some but not all instances a very fine pint thereof) we offer Guinness original in bottle at Northcote. Too obtuse for you? OK, you can get the finest pint of draft Guinness in London at Westbridge just now. And compare it (via a handy Patrick's Pint of Thirds) with Porterhouse Oyster Stout and Murphy's.

While back over at Northcote Patrick's Pint of Thirds means Murphy's (Cork's pride) , Harviestoun Old Engine Oil (on cask) and Meantime London Porter (on keg).

And this is not to mention the cornucopia of dark beers in bottle at both venues.

Among others we are currently proud to serve Anchor Porter, Yeti Imperial Stout (from Great Divide) and Left Hand Milk Stout. And for pudding, why not dip into an Ola Dubh (Harviestoun Old Engine Oil aged in a 40 year old Highland Park whisky barrel). As decadent as beer gets.

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