Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Slider Cometh?

Draft House Northcote is outgrowing its kitchen. It's just too darned busy. But rather than turning you good people away on a weekend, we are looking at our most popular dish - The Draft House Burger, famed the length and breadth of Northcote Road to see if we can reduce the cooking time.

Mindful of other disastrous tamperings with a classic (New Coke anyone?) chef Sabrina Gidda and I are proceeding with care.

The inspiration for this blue sky burger research came from a conversation earlier this year at one of all-round NYC food expert Daniel Young's Burger Monday events. We were talking about the elements which give the humble burger its unique irresistibility. One of them, undoubtedly, is the char on the exterior of the patty. He posited that the ultimate burger is the double, with four sides of char.

Given that our chunky 9oz Draft House Burger takes 14 minutes to cook to medium thereby slowing service on a crazy Saturday, we wondered whether two might be better than one. See picture above.

The experimentation continues. Thoughts welcome, people.


  1. Oh and yes, that burger does have an egg on it (come on, it's breakfast time).

  2. The double is a very tricky one to pull off. The problem is, unless you have pretty thin beef pattys the burger will be far too tall and impossible to eat. And if you have thin pattys a) seconds count when it comes to keeping the inside pink, and b) you need incredibly good (fresh, never frozen) beef to stop the whole thing tasting like cardboard. You may, also in the interest of keeping the height of the thing in check, have to lose some salad (e.g. tomato) or shred your lettuce.

    If you manage it though, it should be brilliant :) Even with an egg in.

  3. Great post, popped in and enjoyed a brilliant burger at the Draft House a couple of weeks ago. Must pop back for this fella. We're toying with getting sliders sorted for sharing on our bar menu but struggling with the mini bun conundrum. Hopefully sorted soon.

  4. As long as you promise to still keep the inside of the patties pink. Which should work well for both you and me speed-wise

    Been tracking Draft House's progress while on the road (for last 15 months). Now that I'm finally back in the UK you're on my must-try-v-soon list


  5. The Corner Bistro is the best burger of the millennium/century/week/in NYC, etc and can get them out of the kitchen in under 7 mins so it can be done. Ambition is the biggest barrier to great burgers..;)

  6. I think it's a great innovation. The best slider I had was at the stanton social - delicious burgers. will look out for them on northcote road if they make it through.

  7. Chris's post in very intelligent and well presented. Personally though I reckon you can just 'go for it' and make the double stack burger silly tall and no one will really mind. Well, not the boys anyway.