Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Ola Dubh 40 Special Reserve Ale

This fortified, inky brew is an extreme example of the brewer's art. Created in Clackmannanshire, Scotland by Harviestoun it starts life as "Old Engine Oil", a lovely, dry 6% stout. 

Seeking a richer and more complex drink, Harviestoun decant the stout into a Highland Park 40 Year Old Whisky barrell, where it is aged for a goodly long time. It emerges as Ola Dubh 40, an extraordinarily decadent, almost port-like beer which is a versatile enough to be a beguiling match for chocolate or cheese.

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  1. Love these beers. I was luck enough to find the 30 year old on cask and it blew me away. A really good example of how a barrell can be used to improve the flavour of a beer, not mask it.