Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Easter/Royal Wedding Beers at Draft House

God Save the Queen
And the fascist... [oh, it's so hard to get cynical at a moment like this]

Our little contribution to the Patriotic Room 101 which is the Royal Wedding is to express our abiding love and respect for them upstairs through beer. Over the next couple of weeks we will be filling the cellars with good British beer. And I’m talking a veritable Best of the Greatest Hits. We are going to prove that this country makes the best bleedin’ beer in the world and heaven help anyone who stands in our way. Certainly no-one can pun like a British Brewer (Windsor Knot, anyone?).

Oh and there's a few Colonial types which have slipped in as well. If we're still allowed to use that word. We mean well, and their beer is awesome.

You’ll have to take pot-luck as to what’s on where – follow us on Twitter where the Draft House beer boys and girls promise to keep the feed humming.

Anyway, there are moments when modesty must briefly be cast aside to reveal the true size of one's beerhood. Prompting the question: How much does this rock?


All to be on the whole two weeks

Camden wheat all three sites

Camden Helles

Sleemans IPA

Zero Degrees Red Rye then fruit beer only at Tower Bridge

Harviestoun Schiehallion

Grand Ridge Moonlite or Brewers Pils

Chalky's Bark


week 1 (Easter)

Redemption Trinity/Hopspur/Urban Dusk

Harviestoun Shenanigans

Brodies Special 6 Hop

Sambrooks celebration coming Thursday 21st to TB

Windsor &  Eton Windsor Knot and black ipa coming Tuesday 19th

Darkstar hophead/hophead citra/ APA

week 2 (wedding)

Sharps atlantic ipa/ golden gate coming Tues 26th for the big finale on Saturday 30th.

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  1. Slightly unrelated, but I thought Tower Bridge did a great job on Marathon day. Top marks. It really felt inside like an extension of what was going on in the street. :)

    Also, where does the bacon that's offered as a side/extra come from? HOLY SHIT, is that stuff great!